How to get playlisted | Alternatives for Spotify Artists

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How to get playlisted | Alternatives for Spotify Artists

Spotify playlists can be a great way to find new music. Getting your content playlisted on the platform is a process that sometimes can be difficult for artists, but if you're willing to put in the work there are benefits. This article will explain the process of getting playlisted on Spotify and provide tips for increased exposure.

The most easy way is to do it is from the artist dashboard on the platform itself, this is called "Spotify for Artists", if you are not familiar with this you should go to this link: and claim your artist profile. You should have an active Instagram and Twitter active account and if possible your own site, so you will need to link both accounts to your artist account and Spotify will verify it and give you access in approximately 48 Hs.

So, the good thing, once you are in, and you have a new song to release, you can pitch it directly to the Spotify Editorial Playlists, which are huge and if you got lucky and got in, you will have a great exposure, be sure to program your release at least a month before the official release date, so you will be able to pitch it to the Editorial Playlists. 

On your artist dashboard, go to your "Music" tab and then "Upcoming" and start pitching your upcoming release.


So, yeah, that's a great option for sure, the downside of the Editorial Playlists is that you will be there for no more than 2 weeks, thousands of artists are doing this every time they have a new release, so, what are the alternatives to also have a chance to get on playlists and get your music in front of people that are looking to hear new songs and discover new artists? 

So, keep reading, and I will give you 2 alternatives which are great ways to gain that chance to be on playlists that are not official from Spotify. 

First Way: The Free Way

One way and will not cost more than your time is to go to the Spotify app and look the playlists that matches your style of music and look for the owner, take note and then search on google, that can throw up the contact details and you can start pitching your song to them. It usually is an e-mail or can be their own websites, download gates and so. 

Once you found the contacts it's time to reach out. 

Keep you e-mail short, polite and provide the link to your music on Spotify. So the curator can easily find who you are and listen to your release. 

Pros: It's free!

Cons: Takes a lot of your valuable time.

Second Way: Playlist Push
Either you want to become a curator or you want to get exposure as an talented artist, you can sign-up on this site.

Playlist Push helps talented, upcoming artists get their songs on non-official or independent Spotify playlists while giving the ability to curators to make money by monetizing their playlists while discovering new music. It has built an online marketplace for musicians worldwide to get picked up with numerous playlist pitching campaigns. They has over 970 curators and their playlists have a total reach of over 25 million listeners.

The curators are paid to review songs and offer honest feedback by adding to their Spotify playlists. But they are not obliged to add the music, also, they can skip a song if they want to, but It will go to another curator. This platform works only if you have a Spotify account. If you would like to apply as a curator, keep in mind that it's not a fast process, you should own a playlist that has at least 1000 followers. If you have big playlists you can sign-up here: Click here

Playlist Push for Artists: If you are an artist and you would like to get feedback and exposure, you might be added to the curators playlists. Musicians apply for a marketing campaign to promote their single or albums, you should provide your music, genre, hometown, and applicable social links. The price of each campaign depends on several factors, mostly revolving around your music genre(s).

Playlist Push Pitches your music for reviews by verified curators who listen, rate and provide feedback, but they are not obliged to do it. The company sends you frequent e-mails with reports on how your song performed on Spotify including the popularity of your songs, number of plays, monthly listeners and more. Playlist Push is only focused on Independent Artists looking to get exposure.

You can sign-up as an artists here: Click Here

Also you can have a 7.5 % OFF for your campaign if you use this code: 9P6LZD5


  • Great Reach:  if your music is added to the curators playlists you can potentially reach a lot of new listeners that can converts into fans, and make that extra step on your music career 
  • Feedback: Informative feedback, usually the curators are people that love to listen to music, and many times they are musicians as well, so, they can provide excellent feedback and help you to improve your music.     
  • No Bots: They monitor all the curators and make sure that there are not suspicious activity to ensure only individuals with real and active accounts are in their network.


  • Costly: If you are a musician that just started your music career, it can be a little expensive, prices goes from $250 to $1000 per campaign.
  • Too focused on Spotify platform: Though Spotify is a big player in this game, it's not the only platform where you can get some exposure, there are more, and Playlist Push is too much focused on this platform, you can diversify your reach. But surely you can get great results here. 


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