Usage Policy


• All of Smokinkat's original tracks are 100% Stream Safe for live-streaming and VOD use on Twitch, (does not include cover songs).

 • All of Smokinkat’s original tracks are free to use (no license required, 100% percent royalty-free) & safe to use (no copyright strikes) on YouTube for monetized videos. You will have to properly credit the Artists and the Label like this: 

Music: Song Title by Artist Name
Music provided by Smokinkat

Music: "Be Yourself" by Sinyells
Music provided by Smokinkat

Example 2:
Music: "Orion's Fantasy" by Violet Vibe
Music provided by Smokin Violet

•  We also have copyright content ID activated for our tracks to protect our artists from fake claims, so if you have got a copyright claim from any of our songs you will have to dispute it on YouTube putting the following: 

“I have properly credited Smokinkat Records on my video.” The claim will be released within 1-2 days and you can monetize the video yourself. Also, you won’t lose any revenue that’s made between the claim and the release. YouTube holds it in an escrow account for you. 

 • If you want to Use Smokinkat's music in commercial YouTube Videos, advertising, video game, sports, trailers, fitness, educational, fashion, lifestyle,
travel, documentary, podcast, vlog, cinematic vlog, DIY, unboxing, tutorial,
etc. you can buy a license which will allow you to use them unlimited times for any project worldwide. 

To Obtain a license click here:


  1. Go to Youtube Studio > Videos > Click on the video with the copyright claim > Monetization > View Details > Select Action > Dispute

  2. Select “My dispute isn't based on any of the reasons above. I would still like to dispute this Content ID claim” > click “Continue” > Select “License” > Click “Continue” > Check “I have permission to use the content from the copyright owner” > Click “Continue” > Under License Information, please write “I have properly credited Smokinkat Records on my video.” > Check the 3 Boxes and sign your name.

    Your Dispute will be released within 1-2 days.



    1) You will be claimed if you don’t PROPERLY GIVE CREDIT to our music.

    Solution: Properly add credits to the description of your video. Then dispute the video by writing: “I have properly added the missing credits (Artist Name - Song Name) to my video.”

    2) You will be claimed if the video ALREADY HAVE MULTIPLE CLAIMS by other companies.

    Why do we do this? If you have 1 claim or more than 1 claim on your video, you no longer can monetize your video. The 3rd party claimant will take all the revenue which makes no sense since they are also taking a % of Smokinkat share.

    Solution: Remove the other claims first. Then dispute the video by writing: “Smokinkat Records is the only claim left on this video. Please remove the claim.”