Danicide - Dark Ages (Digital Single)

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Danicide’s music could be described as a fast, and uncompromising take on instrumental metal, with big riffs and soaring leads reigning supreme. The impact, melody, and personality of the artist’s sounds are hard to match, and his most recent release, Dark Ages, is a perfect example of what it means to combine melodic playing with fast and aggressive rhythm sections. The music feels immersive and engaging, allowing the audience to immediately dive deeper into Danicide’s world. In addition to that, the production is really clean and organic, especially when it comes to the guitar sounds. This provides a balanced, clear, yet abrasive listening experience, with all the clarity that you would expect from a contemporary release in this genre, without compromising in terms of aggression. Danicide’s music is definitely something for any fan of contemporary metal, dark, gothic, and post-hardcore sounds. From Slayer to Opeth and Amon Amarth - if you dig any of those bands, this one’s for you!

Released by Smokinkat Records