Groovy Tech Rock (Royalty-Free Music)

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Groovy Tech Rock is the perfect music for your industrial or technology project. It's energetic and upbeat, with a driving beat that will keep you moving. The royalty-free music is perfect for commercials, corporate videos, and web presentations.

The main Zip file contains;

1:32 Groovy Tech Rock
0:44 Groovy Tech Rock Short 1
0:31 Groovy Tech Rock Short 2
0:19 Groovy Tech Rock Short 3



01-The EULA license allows you to use the track on your YouTube
videos, your Facebook and Instagram posts twitch and any platform to
monetize your audiovisual projects.
02-You can also use it in your commercial video game (for video game
03- You can use it for sports, trailers, fitness, educational, fashion, lifestyle,
travel, documentary, podcast, vlog, cinematic vlog, DIY, unboxing, tutorial,
04- This track is royalty-free and can be used unlimited times for any
project worldwide.
05- You cannot claim this music as your own
06- You cannot distribute this music on any music platform/online store
(iTunes, Spotify, etc.)
07- You cannot make music, song, or remix with this track
08- You cannot use it for audiobooks
09- You don't need to credit the artist
10- You can use it for Twitch Streams
11- Check the EULA license (PDF file) for more details.