Noisecide - My Desires (Digital Single)

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Rising, talented band Noisecide returns to start 2021 on the right foot. The
Paraguay-based band delivers their newest hit, “My Desires.” The
alternative/industrial rock release contains every element to get the listeners
energized. Through this release, Noisecide delivers raw emotion that will have
listeners hooked and wanting more. The electrifying guitars, atmospheric
drumlines, and energy-filed vocals in “My Desires” encapsulate the distinctive and
unique sound Noisecide brings to the industry. The contrasting sections in the
single just add more energy to the overall arrangement, making it a must-listen.
The vocal performance recalls a nostalgic vibe from ’90s rock and lays seamlessly
on top of the eclectic, genre-bending instrumentation. Garnering attention from
Spotify’s playlists, Noisecide is poised to skyrocket in 2021.