Sinyells - Be Yourself Instrumental (Remix Stems)

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Get access to high-quality audio and do your own remix of songs from your favorite artists 

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With this license, you get immediate access to 24bit - 44100 HZ high-quality audio stems files, with Key and BPM.


What You Can Do:

•Listen to stem files for personal enjoyment and education
• Use the stem files in audio production
 software for personal enjoyment, experimentation, and learning about audio production.
• Create original remixes for your personal enjoyment
• Submit original remixes to Smokinkat for a chance to be featured on our YouTube Channel
• Monetize your original remix on your YouTube channel and Soundcloud

What You Can't Do:
• Incorporate the Stems into an Original Song and Distribute It (These are not royalty-free samples)
• Distribute an Original Remix Without Permission or an Additional License
• License an Original Remix for use in Video without Permission or an Additional License

• Sell or Re-Distribute The Stems

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